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Loulen's Catering Menu

Menu C - The Queen's Feast

(Minimum 100 Guests)


(Choice of Three)

Broiled Beef Steak Teriyaki
Mussels Casino Royale
Chicken Chasseur
Oven Pit Roast Spare Ribs
Chicken Rosemary & Garlic Sauce
Mahi Mahi Sauce Mornay
Pepper Steak Sauce Bordelaise
Honey Glazed Chicken
Assorted Seafood Cardinale on WonBok
Blanquette of Chicken

Queen's Feast

(Choice of Two)

Steamed White Rice                  Buttered Fettuccine Noodles
Golden Rice Pilaf                       Chinese Fried Noodle
Garlic Mashed Potatoes            Japanese " Yaki Soba"
Potatoes Au Gratin                    Filipino "Pancit"

(Choice of One)

Carrot Vichy          Macedoine of Vegetables          Corn O'Brien

(Choice of Four)

Fresh Garden Mixed Greens        Potato Macaroni Salad           Italian Meat & Vegetables
Crudites of Fresh Vegetables       Pasta Firenzi                          Sliced Tomatoes & Cucumbers
Sesame Bean Sprout                    Broccoli and Crabmeat          Oriental Vegetables & Meat

Choice of a Cake

Guava Chiffon                         Chocolate
All White Butter Cream               Orange Mandarin

Fruit Punch, Hot Coffee and Hot Tea

Please contact us for pricing.
Please add 15% service charge to all prices.
Applicable state tax will be applied to food price and service charge.
Prices subject to change.

NOTE: Additional fee for additional items from Hot Entrée' list.

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